Ewing Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15224
Coaching youth soccer team


The Bloomfield Dek Hockey dek is located in Paul J. Sciullo Memorial Park on Ewing Street in Pittsburgh, PA 15224, under the Bloomfield Bridge.


If coming from Penn Avenue into Bloomfield, turn right onto Canoe Way and make a left on Ewing Street. Drive up Ewing, past the baseball field to the parking lot right by the dek.

If coming across the Bloomfield Bridge into Bloomfield, be in left lane on bridge to make left at the light. Make a left onto Penn Avenue and right past lane barrier, make immediate left onto Ewing Street (street opening on left). Parking lot is at the end of road.

Please note:  You can only park in lots directly under the bridge by the dek. Please do not park in the lot off of Darsie Street. This lot is for the neighbors and you are not allowed to park there.
Coaching youth soccer team