Bloomfield Dek Hockey Association has been in the Bloomfield community since the 1970's where people from the community would meet up to play in the basketball area of Osceola Park. That tradition continued throughout the years hosting many of Sunday morning games, a kids league and multiple tournaments. With a need to expand, teach younger generations to play and a unwavering love for hockey, a committee of Mike Grady, John Santella, Jimmy Genco, Scott Muto, Steve Baker, Jason Dice, Todd Levy, Dom Piccola, Bob Grady, Steve Moore, Dave Magliocco and the late Eric Crouse worked with the Bloomfield Citizens Council to bring the desire
to build a new state of the art dek facility in the
Bloomfield community.

The project was four years in the making with a letter dated July 1, 2011, from the Bloomfield Citizens Council
to then Councilman Bill Peduto requesting support and assistance to place a dek hockey court by the Bloomfield Rec Center. After months of planning, reviews and voting, the City of Pittsburgh announced construction will begin for the new dek and a new partnership with the
Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation.

On August 28, 2015, the dek was officially opened with a ribbon cutting ceremony and dedication to fallen police officer Paul J. Sciullo, a life-long Bloomfield resident and hockey player. Paul's parents, Sue and Max, attended the ceremony in his honor.

We kicked off the new dek with a Labor Day tournament and the adult league started their inaugural season at the new dek in the Fall of 2015. Kids open practices and games started in Late Fall 2015 with a lot of optimism to grow. With community support and a dedicated volunteer committee, we plan to continue the tradition of hockey in Bloomfield with players of all ages and from all communities. If you (or your child) is interested in playing, please visit our registration page or contact us at info@bloomfieldhockey.com.